SAKE COMPETITION has the world most number of entry and the competition only for Japanese sake.

It is believed that sake making in Japan started around the same time as the method of rice planting was introduced to Japan. Since then it was evolved into a unique and sophisticated alcohol beverage that has become culturally significant for the Japanese people.

However until recent, the domestic consumption of Sake has been decreasing significantly. Due to the increasing popularity of Japanese food, the popularity of Sake has again come to the attention, not only within Japan but also in overseas. Therefore, many people often come across the problem that ” Sake is hard to know”.  There is a very little information listed on a label, many of us don’t know how to choose a  good Sake.

SAKE COMPETITION is one of the opportunity that the same group of judges can evaluate as many sake as possible in the current market. We would like to provide  a certain standard of good quality Sake which especially accompanies well with food.



Preliminary Judging – 16 May  (at Tokyo metropolitan industrial trade center)

Final Judging – 18 May  (at Tokyo metropolitan industrial trade center)

Announcement of results and Official Event – Mid-June (TBA)